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Early 2020, while on assignment in NYC, I took some free time to add to my street photo documentary series. I came across a few situations that, in hind sight, seem like precursors for the coming topsy-turvy year we were about to experience.  First was the gentleman who decided to strike a crazy pose in front of the Oculus for his girl friend.  
Humor: the quality of being amusing or comic in literature or speech (or visually), a mood or state of  mind.  Kitsch: objects or design considered to be in poor taste because of excessive garishness or sentimentality, but sometimes appreciated in an ironic or knowing way.    I’ve always had a taste for things that make me smile, chuckle or even laugh out loud, along with an extra side dish of irony or satire.

Can a humorous or kitschy image improve a bottom line?...Or at least brighten your day?


Although there were some elements of these things in my earlier photographic years, I did"t make a conscious effort to add them to my visual bag of tricks until the day a young hippie-type couple stopped by my studio for an appointment with my partner who photographed weddings at the time. His bowler hat, their innocence, aroused something in me that said "make a photograph". I gave them a flag, some roses and we proceeded to make a fun series. Later I added one of this photo series to my portfolio. Within a week, I saw an art director I had been trying to get an assignment from for over a year of meetings. He liked the image and requested a print for his office. Two weeks later he called me back for a meeting with the agency's owner and I walked out with one of the largest dollar-value jobs in my career.

From that time on, I've made it a conscious effort to do more personal work and include some in my portfolio presentations. Over the years this approach has added to the satisfaction I get from being a professional photographer.

South of the Border I-95

Thomas the tank visits Lancasters' Amish farmland.

Lancasters' B&B's, motel/hotels and other accomodations are always booked heavily during tourist season.

Specializing in commercial/advertising/editorial work, I frequent flea markets, garage sales, antique stores, etc. in search of props. At one flea market I came across a box of kitschy French Poodles. They sat in my prop room for a few years until one day when I had some models from a local tattoo parlor. The men had some great animal tats, to which I added the poodles. I chose one image of the dragon/poodle tattoo for a self promotion marketing piece with a regional printer. Result: calls for my portfolio and new clients.

To this day I'll pull off the road for a great rural Halloween yard display,

walk a new city and discover a Civil War heros' statue going incommunicado

...or watch for my daughter running in the NYC Marathon only to discover some neon-colored sneakers being chased by an I-pod jamming Batman ahead of her.

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